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Friday, January 19, 2007

There may be a mouse in the house-

Apparently, its all my fault...

Uintah Cat drug dragged in a mouse a couple nights ago, in the middle of the night. Why he was out hunting during single digit temperatures instead of warming the foot of my bed, I'll never understand. The spouse awoke as a result of the cat's usual growling that he does when he's captured something and that required me to get out of bed to see what I could do about the situation.

Well, the cat was having a pretty dandy time playing with the mouse in the family room where it was warm and they had a rousing game of tag going on around the library table. Finally the mouse escaped behind the bookcase that holds my toy cars, the cat was stymied and I got to go back to bed.

The next day, while I was at work, the spouse claimed that both of the cats and the dog were involved in a 2nd chase around the family room! She didn't look for any carcasses and I didn't find any when I got home so the presumption was that the mouse had escaped.

Why is all this tale (tail?) my fault? Why, that's easy. I put the birdseed in the birdfeeder in the backyard! Sure. The birds spill their food onto the ground and the neighborhood mice come around to cleanup the jackpot of spilled seed. Then the cat, who already knows about the feeder as an attraction for the feathered targets, catches the far easier, furred mouse targets and brings them in to play with because its cold outside this week!

So the mouse in the house is my fault because I feed the birds in my backyard!

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